James Comer Questioned Trump’s Honesty Against Anti-Semitism

James Comer

James Comer, a republican party member is not behind remarking on Trump’s recent stunt. With everything that has happened with former president Donald Trump and the newest election result, James Comer isn’t satisfied like others.

James Comer Despises The Act Of  Being A ‘Good Host’

James Comer, who represents Kentucky in the house of representatives, is a member of the Republican party. And he isn’t a great fan of Trump, like many. Trump’s recent declaration of running for the presidency and how he dislikes the anti-semitic comments and antisemites.

However, the recent dinner at Mar-a-Lago showed something else. Trump had dinner with Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, and Nick Fuentes at his house. later disclosed by him only that Kanye brought two guests whom he didn’t know, and they had an uneventful dinner. Nevertheless, Kanye west’s side of the story is something else, whereas trump praised Nick and addressed him as ‘loyal’ because he kept supporting trump even after the 2020 election.

That’s where James Comer raises questions on Trump’s judgment. Trump clearly said there is no place for antisemitism in his country and his house Mar-a-Lago, however, he had dinner with those two extremely antisemites. And those people hold the worst record of all time, Kanye has been banned from more prominent brands and social media platforms for being an anti-semite. He caused a scene at Paris fashion week with his graphic t-shirt. Even after being given a chance to fix the mess he has made, he misused it and threatened people.

Many brands have cut ties with him after being disrespectful towards Jews. He has no remorse whatsoever. James Comer’s question has been valid for many reasons, if trump is against those things why is he entertaining those who hold a terrible picture? Later he fixed with saying his personal opinion. And James Comer’s opinion does make sense.