John Mulaney Moving On With Olivia Munn

John Mulaney
John Mulaney

It seems like John Mulaney, the comedian has found a new love for himself. Following the news of his divorce to his wife, Anna Tendler, whom he was married to for six long years, has finally decided to move on with Olivia Munn. A source revealed to PEOPLE, that this is a very new thing and that is why John Mulaney has been taking it slow. 

The source also confided that the lovebirds met inside a church located in the city of Los Angeles. The actors and their representatives didn’t return the request of Yahoo Entertainment for comment immediately. Their romance might be a story of the present but they were familiar with each other earlier for years. The ages of Olivia Mun and John Mulaney are 40 and 38 years respectively. In December, the former writer of SNL checked into rehab. At that time Olivia Munn wished John Mulaney well by posting on social media. 

Olivia Munn Used To Fangirl Over John Mulaney Earlier

In 2015, Olivia Munn revealed that she used to fangirl over John Mulaney at one wedding. She added that she was very obsessed with talking and hanging out by his side and that she kept talking and bothering him at this wedding. The actress of the Newsroom said in an interview that she emailed and wrote to Mulaney but was never bothered to email back. While taking a poke at herself she added that maybe she has got his email wrong! In 2013, the new lovebirds first met at a place called Seth Meyers. They also met at the wedding of Alexi Ashe. There was a picture of Mun and others in an article of Vogue by John Mulaney. 

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