Chief Justice John Roberts Maintains Supreme Court Abortion Draft Leak Will Not Alter Deliberations

John Roberts
John Roberts

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, a Republican appointee, told a group of lawyers and judges that the disclosure of the draft opinion on abortion was appalling. The draft is concerned with overturning the historic Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion. He said that the leak will not influence the outcome of the deliberations on the issue of abortion.

John Roberts said that the person or people behind the leak should have realized that it would have no influence on the final decision process, and it was foolish to assume it. Roberts was speaking at the eleventh Circuit Judicial Conference meet.

John Roberts stressed that the court would go about its work in the same way despite the disclosure.

John Roberts Admits Alito’s Anti-Abortion Draft Genuine

John Roberts acknowledged that Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion was genuine. The Supreme Court has voted to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision as per the initial draft majority opinion written a Justice Samuel Alito, a Republican appointee.

The draft opinion is an outright repudiation of the decision made in 1973 that guaranteed federal constitutional protection of the right to abortion. It also is a repudiation of the subsequent decision in 1992 (Planned Parenthood v. Casey) that has largely gone along with the original ruling.

Alito ruled that both the ruling must be overruled and it is time to give an ear to the constitution and return this issue to the elected representatives of the people.

John Roberts was upset that it would give the wrong impression about the work of the court. He was garrulous about the dedication of the judges and the institution. The audience included justice Clarence Thomas, under fire for the racist leanings of his wife and his support for her.

The leaked draft that has raised John Roberts’s hackles categorically states that the Supreme Court is prepared to overturn the right to abortion that was set 50 years ago. It would mean that women would face new abortion limits.