John Stamos Assures Fans He’s Well, Posts Photo From Hospital

John Stamos
John Stamos

John Stamos is reported to be much better after having spent a while in the medical facility. The alum from Full House posted a number of pictures over on his Instagram account. The pictures include him in a gown from the hospital and his hair covered by a cap. There are also pictures that show his hand, with his palm bandaged up. 

John Stamos in his caption made an attempt towards assuring his followers of him being “home happy” post his stay at the hospital. The actor also took note of mentioning a condition wherein the finger goes into a bent position and gets stuck, and is known as the trigger finger. 

John Stamos On Having A Family And Dreams Coming True

John Stamos has made mentions of his dream coming true with the help of his family, which consists of Caitlin McHugh, his wife, and Billy, his son who is three.

Stamos recalls always wanting to have a child of his own, but he never thought that he would meet the person to have a child with. His notion was definitely false because he indeed found Caitlin, who, according to John Stamos himself, fixed his life. He still felt he did not deserve that, but he sobered up and tried to become a better human being. He understood in order to have her in his life, he had to do better. 

John Stamos says that whatever he has now, is exactly what he dreamt of having all along. According to Caitlin, the couple is trying to expand the lineage and have another child. Stamos mentions being interrupted by their kid Billy many times, but in the end, it is all about being grateful and accept being fortunate with whatever you have. 

John Stamos also stated that people are right in saying that time flies by fast, and he wants to be there to witness all the beautiful things in his son’s life.

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