Amy Roloff And Chris Marek From Little People And Big World Get Married!

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff was joyous when she mentioned that her wedding day was a special day, however, her marriage was a lifetime of being together. The couple is officially married.

The wedding between Amy Roloff and Chris Marek took place in Roloff Farms, which is located in Hillsboro, in the state of Oregon. The bride was draped in a wedding dress from the Sincerity Collection of Justin Alexander, while Marek donned a suit in black.

Michael Williams was the officiator of the nuptials of the couple, while Rick Hinkes, the best man at the wedding, was the composer of the track that Amy Roloff walked down the aisle to.

The reception by the couple was held outside in a beautiful tent, which was made even more memorable by the performances of The Macey Gard Band, among which was a song to which the couple shared their first dance together as husband and wife.

Amy Roloff mentioned that it was a challenge planning the wedding in a traditional manner, considering everything that goes into it, and what the couple wanted to have. Although at times, things clashed, in the end, it was just about the two people being comfortable and enjoying the most memorable day of their lives.

Amy Roloff And Chris Marek On Their Relationship So Far

The couple had their engagement in 2019 but had met just 3 years before at a party. Amy Roloff remembered Marek asking her out to accompany him for a ride on his motorcycle. They never looked back. Roloff also mentioned that she never expected someone like Marek would be into her. She mentioned that she dearly hopes that her size does not change the dynamics of her relationship.

The wedding venue was originally a plan B, but Amy Roloff states that COVID-19 had created a lot of turmoil which made the couple choose on Roloff farms to be the final location.

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