Mark Meadows Among 5 Bidding To Move Case To Federal Court

Mark Meadows

Earlier last week a federal judge rejected an effort by Trump’s former chief of staff at the White House to move his case. Mark Meadows, the White House ex-staffer had tried to move his case from the Fulton County Court to the Federal Court. And now he has filed a notice of appeal against the federal court ruling. Mark Meadows has sought the appeal judge’s urgent intervention before any possible verdict is reached in the county court.

On Friday Steve Jones, Judge in the US District Court ruled that Mark Meadows had failed to prove the need to move his case to the Supreme Court. The judge ruled that Georgia had the constitutional power to decide on election procedures. Mark Meadows filed the appeal the same day at the Eleventh Circuit Appeals Court and paid his fee on Monday. However, his lawyers have yet to detail the argument they plan to make to back their case.

Mark Meadows’s Lawyer Has Requested Priority Treatment Of The Appeal

Mark Meadows has requested a priority treatment of the appeal. In his appeal for an expedited appeal, his legal team has argued that the implication of the decision of the federal judge should be frozen immediately. They are desperate to protect Mark Meadows from a verdict by the Georgia court before the resolution of the appealMeadows’ lawyers have contended that if a favorable verdict by the appeals court comes after a state verdict, ruling in favor of moving the case to a federal court, it could lead to a host of questions about federalism.

John Moran, Meadows’s lawyer, argued that the rights that are asserted by his plaintiff would be invalidated if the case moved forward during the appeal. Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County, has been given until Thursday noon to argue her case about halting the proceeding against Meadows.