Jon Stewart Blames Science And Scientists For The Pandemic

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart, the American comedian, looked like he completely supports one of the theories of the origin of the novel coronavirus. And according to that theory, the virus was spread due to leakage from one of the laboratories situated in the city of Wuhan in China. The comedian endorsed this theory on the platform of the American late-night show, The Late Show. He had made an appearance on it this Monday. The host of the show is Stephen Colbert.

Jon Stewart On Lab-Leak Theory

Jon Stewart, through his statement, went on to express his gratitude towards science. He also said that it was science that caused people all over the world to get over the coronavirus pandemic. However, he also added that it was science to cause it in the first place. After listening to his answer, the American host went on to ask him an interesting question. It was with the views of the “Half Baked” artist with regard to the science break theory.

The reply of Jon Stewart to the question was quite clear. He stated that there is more than a chance that the virus spread from a lab in Wuhan owing to some of the evidence. And the strongest evidence being the fact that there is a lab called the “Wuhan respiratory coronavirus.” He further added that it was “too weird” to know the fact that the name of diseases matches that of the lab. And especially when it is situated where the virus broke out from.

Following this conversation, the two talked for a little longer before breaking for a few minutes. After that, they resumed with Jon Stewart talking some more about the subject of science in relation to the coronavirus. Stephen Colbert responded by saying that he had so many close friends who were scientists. And the response of the fellow comedian was that he had nothing but love for them all but they would be the reason for their death.

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