Harrison Ford Has Been Injured On Indiana Jones Set

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford, the American actor and the star of the adventure sequel, Indiana Jones, recently faced an injury. The incident took place while the 78-year-old actor was doing the rehearsal of one of the fight scenes. The actor got injured on the set of his upcoming movie, Indiana Jones 5. As per reports, the actor hurt his shoulder. There have been no reports on the seriousness of the injury yet. It has also been stated that the shooting of the movie will continue after the lead actor recovers. The information about the treatment details has also not been given out yet.

Harrison Ford’s Rigorous Routine

Disney gave a statement following the unfortunate incident. The production house confirmed that Harrison Ford met with an accident while he was shooting. They also mentioned the “shoulder” precisely. Disney further gave some details on the shooting stating that the working days will now be rescheduled accordingly in the coming days. And as for the production, it will keep going on while the actor goes through his treatment. 

It is to be noted that Harrison Ford will receive the treatment amid the workout routine that he already has to follow. The rigorous physical activity is being carried out by the Star Wars actor in order to maintain his shape for his upcoming 5th sequel. His workout routine involves 10 miles of cycling every day, along with taking frequent walks. Harrison Ford also has to follow his daily intake of supplement bars in order to stay healthy.

Reports also state that the actor gets done with everything along with his shoot within 11 hours and sleeps only for a total of 6 hours. The upcoming movie is scheduled to release on the 29th of July in the year 2022. The production kicked off in June at various locations in the United Kingdom. The injury is not the first injury of his life. The actor has been constantly facing similar situations since he stepped into the Indiana Jones sequel.  

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