Jonah Hill Gets Inked Again

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill has yet another tattoo on him. He flaunted his new tattoo to spread the message of positivity. Hill is an ardent believer in promoting the positivity of the body. Hill is 37 years of age and has recently got the Oscar nominations. 

Jonah Hill Spreads Positivity

The versatile actor posted a picture on social media this Sunday. The picture showed a newly inked tattoo on the back of Hill. The tattoo read “Body Love“. The post was liked by many. Fans and followers showered the actor with love and support.

In his post, Hill expressed his insecurities. The actor stated that he feared going shirtless in front of everyone. This fear accompanied him till the middle of his 30s. Hill said he was uncomfortable even in front of his near and dear ones. He blamed the media for his insecurities. The media always made fun of his body type as a youngster. That impacted him to a great extent. 

Jonah Hill started that the paparazzi’s would stalk him every now and then. Finally, he learned to accept himself for what he was. Hill continued that at 37 years of age, he felt a lot more confident. He urged everyone to accept their real self. He extended his support to all the young ones who suffered from the same anxiety. Jonah supported them and asked them to take off their shifts without any insecurity. 

Jonah Hill expressed that his weight management journey was a bumpy ride. He was always on the fatter side. Hill always found it hard to style himself while carrying those extra pounds. He also reflected that stylists develop their designs only for certain body types. Jonah’s tattoo was praised by many. His mother appreciated the post and expressed her love for her son as well.