Donald Trump’s Insensitive Comments About Persian And Jews Revealed: 2021 Clip shows His Prejudiced Nature

Robert E. Lee Donald Trump

A video released by Alex Holder, a British filmmaker, reveals that Donald Trump spewed prejudiced remarks about Persians and Jews at a 2021 event. The former president is heard asking whether the documentary maker recording his interview was a ‘good Jewish character’. He also referred to Persians as ‘good sales.’

He also complained that Israelis favored him way more than American Jews saying that while he got 94% approval in Israel, in America, he received only 27 to 28% support from Jews. He also played on the anti-Semitic cliché that Jews in America have dual loyalties, to both Israel and the US.

The 2021 documentary was provided by the British documentary filmmaker. The documentary was shot at Trump’s Bedminster club in New Jersey as he was speaking to several people.

At one point a woman referred to Jews who did not support Donald Trump. The former presidents boasted of recognizing Israel’s authority over Golan Heights. But he whined that American Jews did not support him to the extent that Israeli Jews supported him.

At one point, Trump asked the filmmaker if he was a good Jewish character. Trump had earlier denounced American Jews that they should act together to appreciate him with the same intensity that Jews in Israel do.

Donald Trump Has A Long History Of Racist Statements

Donald Trump has an extensive history of racist statements directed mainly at immigrants and Black people. He has repeatedly invoked anti-Semitic stereotypes.

In the same documentary, Trump spoke to a woman of Iranian descent and commented that they are very smart. He said that they are very good ‘sales’ and others need to be careful.

Trump also expressed surprise when Holder said that he was British. He said that he was Jewish, implying that it was not possible to be both.

During his first presidential campaign, Donald Trump has given a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition where he peppered his speech with anti-Semitic comments.

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