Matt Damon Is Sorry For His Earlier Actions

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

Matt Damon seems to be sorry for his earlier actions. In a recent interview, he expressed how modern society has changed. He recalls using the f-word as a child. Damon stated that earlier it was intended in a completely different meaning. However, he got to realize the seriousness of its usage in today’s world. That made him stop and give up the habit. He also seemed to understand the danger of using it. 

Matt Damon Thankful To Daughter 

The actor thanked his daughter for transforming him. Damon expressed his joy at the fact that his daughter made him realize certain things. She made him aware of the danger of using an f-slur in today’s world. 

Damon recalled an instance a few days back. He used the f-word in front of his daughter. She reacted angrily and left the table. When asked by Damon, her daughter provided him with a long written explanation. She made him understand the seriousness of the word. Damon seemed to understand the situation and decided to give up on the abusive term. He has promised his daughter to ” retire” the slur and never utter it again. 

Damon got into trouble earlier by competing inappropriately at an interview. The interview was conducted by The Times. He used the f-word and stated that he should not talk much. Talking less was the only way one would not draw attention. 

Matt Damon explained that earlier the music was given priority over the lyrics. However, nowadays lyrics are being minutely watched. A simple abuse used as a joke can land you in serious trouble, he reflected. Damon further stated that the hunger to be in the news resulted in such transformation in society. Everyone is looking for an opportunity to make the most attractive breaking news.