With The Finale of Grey’s Anatomy Three Couples’ Futures Left To Conjecture

grey's anatomy
grey's anatomy

The seventeenth season of the famous medical drama saw a lot of ups and downs in its storyline along with the 378 episodes since the first season aired. Showcasing a possible breakup, two proposals, a promotion, and two weddings, the show has managed to keep the audience hooked to their seats. The Thursday finale of Grey’s Anatomy shows the doctors of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital go through the highs and lows of their lives. The last episode of the 16th season ended with the character of Jo Wilson selling her shares of the hospital so that can hire a lawyer to adopt Luna, a sick baby.

The wedding ceremony of Maggie Pierce and Winston Ndugu was about to take place in their backyard. They were interrupted by Maggie’s father by saying that they needed to have a proper and grand wedding with all their relatives in attendance. They do have their grand beach wedding in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy. Whereas Amelia Shepherd was found doubting her relationship with her boyfriend Link, he goes onto propose to Amelia in the current season.

The central characters getting infected with COVID-19 have also been part of the series twice now. The COVID-19 vaccination drive was also shown with great ease and mastery. However, the show is yet again left at a cliffhanger by the makers at the end of season 17.

Grey’s Anatomy: The Story So Far

Grey’s Anatomy debuted in the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in the year 2005. The drama mainly centers on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, located in Seattle. Despite the portrayal of several main characters, the central character of Dr.Meredith Grey essayed by Ellen Pompeo is shown as the primary narrator of the show. Over the years, the series has enjoyed top 10 ratings, earned several Emmy Award nominations, and won the Golden Globe for the best drama series in the year 2007.