Biden Faces Renewed Age-Related Question As He Turns 80: Weighs Reelection Even As Aides Highlight His Vigor

Joe Biden

Even as President Biden grappled with the war in Europe and the recession back home, his aides had more things on their plate, one of them personal. His age has been a topic of voters’ concern and has brought it up on specific functions. Even as the Democrats upturn poll predictions with a win in the Senate, his age remains the most common voice worry for a section of Americans.

Questions about Joe Biden’s mental and physical fitness have hung over him since he started his bid for the top job in 2019. The questions have persisted throughout the initial years of his term. And as he turns 80 on November 20, the US is entering unknown territory. He will be the first octogenarian in the Oval Office.

There isn’t much by way of celebration, unlike his party man Obama who had a big bash when he turned 50. Florida Governor DeSantis was not even born when Biden was into his second term in the Senate.  

There is also speculation if he will be fit enough to run for office, an issue that he has left to his family members. And whatever the outcome, the issue is sure to stay strong in the limelight as voters have a reasonable concern about the fitness level of the Commander-in-chief.

While the Senate appears more or less an assured issue for Democrats, they are set to lose the House to the Republicans, though in a way smaller margins than the debacle that was predicted by experts.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Is The Oldest In The Biden Republican Camp At 80

While his direct rival at present, Donald Trump, could claim of being younger at 76, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tops 80 and has successfully resisted efforts by a much younger colleague Rick Scott, 69, to topple him.

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, who has successfully ensured that the Democrats end Biden’s present term with control over the Senate is way younger at 71.