Jordan Poole Accepts Not Receiving Rolex From Steph Curry Post Record

jordan poole
jordan poole

Jordan Poole has said he understood and accepted the reason he was not among Stephen Curry’s teammates to get a Rolex after breaking a three-point record. At times the greatest gift is getting a chance to watch the greatness of Curry.

Even as the superstar with the Golden State Warriors surpassed Ray Allen’s record on December 14, Jordan Poole, a 3rd-year pro watched and celebrated as any other fan.

The assist was provided by Andrew Wiggins in the triple and remains joined in the historic achievement. Jordan was content just being present and watching Curry make history.

The guard with the Warriors said that all he wanted was to be present to witness the shot. And he was present to savor the moment. Jordan Poole shook Steph Curry’s hand and hugged him.

Post the game, Steph gifted Rolex watches to longtime teammates Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson for the hard work they all put in and for just being there.

Jordan Poole Is Hopeful That Curry Will Continue Breaking Records

The 22-year-old Poole has been with Steph for just 2 years and was among those who did not receive it. It was a moment to be shared by his longtime teammates and friends, and he is perfectly okay with that.

Jordan Poole said that the ones who received the Rolex from Curry perfectly deserved that. He joked that Andre should not keep his Rolex unguarded because he would keep it in his back. But he would be carrying it for Andre.

But Jordan Poole can take heart from the fact that Stephen Curry continues to surpass records for himself and the Warriors, and that is good enough for Poole. So he can expect a Rolex when the next rounds are handed out.

Poole has increased his scoring output from 8.8 to 12.0 points per game despite seeing a drop in playing time by 3 minutes. In Monday’s 115-108 victory over the Heat, he supplied 32 points, 2 rebounds, and 5 assists across 26 minutes.

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