Sissy Spacek’s Most Iconic Role Cannot Be Recreated, Says Daughter

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Sissy Spacek is an American actress known for her iconic role in Carrie, released in 1976 by Stephen King’s story. And her biggest fan declined to play Carrie, Schuyler Fisk, her daughter. Schuyler is driven by her mother’s acting skills and how much she has inspired her to become an actress. However, she claims her mother is the goddess and isn’t even close to that.

Sissy Spacek’s Daughter Refused To Replay Her Role

Sissy Spacek’s daughter Schuyler Fisk, refused Carrie’s role in 1976, where would she have replayed her mother’s character. The creators did approach her but she refused to do so. Stating the fact she isn’t great enough to fill her mom’s shoe. She would have done other roles but cannot afford to do this one, it takes a lot of courage and enthusiasm. And Sissy Spacek played the role of Carrie so vividly that it would unfairness to her mother if she takes the role.

And recreating a role that was already incredibly portrayed by someone so great, Schuyler felt it was ‘unnecessary’. Carrie’s character took a lot of layers to b build from the core, as she goes through various emotions and rage building up within her. Later discovering her psychic abilities threw her off the edge, and where Carrie white’s mother knew everything and kept it a secret until Carrie discovered herself.

Sissy Spacek’s daughter shares a funny story about when Carrie actually came out in 1976 they were playing at the drive-in movie theatres, they were passing by, and Schuyler was a kid who was seating in the backseat, and Carrie’s shower scene came up, her parents were so concerned they tried to cover her eyes, and innocent Schuyler yelled that’s mama. The latest Carrie was released in 2013 and starred Chole Grace Mortez.