Josh Duggar Guilty On Two Counts In Child Pornography Trial: Faces 40 Years In Prison

Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar, the discredited reality TV star could face up to 40 years in prison for downloading child pornography from the internet. Jurors deliberated over the case for 6 hours before finding him guilty. He faces charges of receipt and possession of child porn. Both are punishable by a sentence of 20 years plus a fine of $250,000.

The 33-year-old Duggar glanced anxiously at his family as the jurors were asked to reaffirm their decision individually. His wife remained composed during the trial but broke down when the sentence was pronounced.

The federal trial Arkansas centered around how Josh Duggar applied his tech abilities to hunt the dark web and download videos of children being humiliated, abused and molested.

Josh Duggar Had Earlier Admitted To Child Abuse When He Was 12

Josh Duggar was earlier in the news in 2015. He had then confessed to abusing 4 of his sisters as a 12-year-old. A friend testified before jurors about his past abuses.

Justin, his brother, quietly cried as Josh Duggar was led away by marshals. His father, Jim Bob, stood quietly and then consoled Anna.

Josh Duggar was remanded by a mandatory law that he would have to wait for 4 months before being sentenced. Derek Dillard, Josh Duggar’s brother-in-law refused to say anything other than to state that they were passing through a difficult time.

Duggar, wearing a white shirt and a black suit and facemask will be detained at the Detention Center in Washington County. He would be kept in an isolated unit for sex offenders.

Justin Gelfand, Duggar’s defense attorney, said that they planned to appeal immediately. He said that they accepted the verdict of the jurors but planned to continue the fight.

David Fowlkes, the acting Attorney, said that the case was a milestone in their continued fight to root out child abuse. He said that every time such videos are shared, the children depicted are victimized again.