Canadian couple find a live frog INSIDE a whole pepper they bought at their local grocery store

Canadian couple
Canadian couple

A Canadian couple was stunned while preparing a meal. As they found a strange surprise in a green pepper that they had bought from a grocery store.

Nicole Gagnon and Gerard Blackburn, live in the city of Saguenay in the province of Quebec. One day, they found a living green frog inside a green pepper. However, they stated that the fruit was full without any holes or cuts when they bought it.

Sometimes, people find small insects inside some types of vegetables and fruits. However, it seemed very strange that a live frog exists inside a pepper. Surprisingly, that fruit was totally undamaged.

According to the Daily Mail, this frog is believed to be from the family of tree frogs. Also, it was not harmed during the couple’s slicing of pepper. Before they rushed to the grocery store, which informed the competent authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Quebec Province.

Immediately, specialists at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency killed and dissected the frog in an attempt to solve the clues of the puzzle. Then, they find out how fate ended with an amphibian within a thin-shell fruit without even having a small hole. Moreover, this animal originally came from Honduras in the place of the original product or was it Mainly in Canada, where species of tree frogs also live.

Multiple hypotheses

Until now, there have been many hypotheses regarding this mysterious accident. So, it might be an egg that a female frog had placed inside a flower before fully growing and turning into a pepper, but the growth of the frog, in this case, would be faster than the growth of the fruit, which makes it difficult to accept in theory.

But The secretary of Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations (CCHA), researcher Amanda Bennett believes that in the event of a low temperature due to cooling, the metabolic rate will decrease in cold-blooded animals, including frogs, which causes them, in general, to live for a long time without food. Therefore, this explains that this frog managed to remain Without food for a long time when it was tadpole before it would grow and grow later.

Moreover, that fruit may have occurred before it fell to the ground and formed a small rift through which the tadpole entered. Before the growth of the fruit was completed due to rain and the hole closed again. This made the tadpole hostage to its calculation, without being able to go out. Also, entering into a period of winter dormant due to the cooling conditions. This happens before growing up and becoming an “adult” frog later on.

However, there are those who believe that the whole matter maybe just a “trick” from the couple to gain fame through the media. But matters remain pending a final statement from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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