Cease Title 42: Judge Robert Summerhays Blocked Biden Administration

title 42
title 42

A federal judge from Louisiana blocked the administration of Joe Biden temporarily from bringing an end to the restriction made during the pandemic era by the Donald Trump Government. This rule was based on the border of US-Mexico. The administration of Biden was going on the right track to cease the authority of public health which is known as Title 42 on 23rd March this year. 

Title 42 Deals With Border Restrictions For Immigrants During Covid-19

This decision to block Title 42 was criticized by many members of Democrats and Republicans. As per the measure, the authorities of the border were supposed to make the migrants go back to Mexico or to any other countries from where they belonged due to the issue of the Covid-19 pandemic that posed a threat to the public health of the U.S. 

An order was passed this Monday by Judge Robert Summerhays and it is not enough to modify the situation and the authority of public health will act the same. However, it will pose a challenge for the administration and they will find it difficult to move forward. Nearly 20 states have decided to block the Joe administration’s decision to end Title 42 and they all have asked the Court to intervene immediately. 

The Department of Justice clearly stated that it is against the request. In the words of Robert, the discussion on the Motion for Temporary Restraining Order was done and the Court declared that it had intentions to grant the motion. The parties involved will discuss certain terms that are present in the Order of Temporary Restrainment and then there will be an attempt to get on the same page and have an agreement. 

A lawsuit was filed by Louisiana, Missouri, and Arizona and the new order gave a restraining order of Title 42 for a temporary span of time. As per Eric Schmitt, the Attorney General of Missouri, though this order was a big victory, still a huge fight is waiting.

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