Top Officials Reveal That Department Of Justice Appraising Role Of Phony Trump Electors

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Justice Department

The Department of Justice is going through the fake accounts of electors that deceptively declared Trump as the winner in the 2020 Presidential race in 7 of the swing states. President Biden ultimately emerged victorious in each of these states.

Deputy attorney general Lisa O. Monaco told CNN that prosecutors were reviewing those slates but she could not reveal anything more at this stage.

Preliminary investigations by Department of Justice sources have revealed that it appears that those false certificates were part of efforts by the cronies of the disgraced president to reverse the results of the presidential elections.

Even as genuine electoral officers from the 7 states sent their official list of genuine electors who voted for Joe Biden, the fake group of candidates claimed Trump as the victor in their bid to undermine the actual results.

The Department of Justice has been asked by state officials, the House committee looking into the January 6 riots, and lawmakers to investigate the role of that fake group of electors along with the fake documents that they sent on December 14, 2020, to the National Archives.

Department Of Justice To Look Into Involvement Of Top Republicans In The Electoral Fraud Process

The Department of Justice has discovered that even senior Republican Party representatives from these 7 states backed the fabricated documents.

The false group of electors participated in efforts to throw the nation into chaos on January 6 and make it into an excuse for a provisional election. This was revealed by committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin.

Raskin said that the false electoral group was out to create a false narrative around the contested results. This would have helped vice-president Mike Pence to unilaterally reject the genuine electors.

Attorney General Dana Nessel of Michigan said that the Department of Justice had enough evidence to charge at least 16 Republican politicians in Michigan of submitting false documents and claiming themselves as official electors from the state.

If the Department of Justice concludes that the henchmen around Trump had created the false slates to mislead the election process, they could be prosecuted for submitting false documents, indulging in mail fraud, and being involved in a plot to deceive the United States.