RFK’s Children Defy The California Parole Board’s Decision


A total of six children of RFK express their desperation with regard to the decision given by the parole board of the state of California. RFK, Robert Francis Kennedy, was a lawyer and politician from the United States of America. He is also the brother of John F. Kennedy, the former American President who also got assassinated. Before he got assassinated, Robert served as the country’s Attorney General. As per the decision of the parole board, it was stated that Sirhan Sirhan, the one who stands guilty of the assassination, is to be released from prison. 

RFK’s Children’s Views

There are a total of 11 children of RFK. The six children issued a statement on the 27th of August that fell on Friday. The statement said that the children were totally “devastated” to know the decision that was reached by the officials. They further stated that they could not believe the fact that the person who murdered their father and an important citizen of the country, was actually getting a release.

Six of his children had approved the letter by giving their signatures. They include Joseph P. Kennedy the second, a former Representative, one of the former gubernatorial candidates from the state of Illinois, Christopher G.Kennedy, Rory Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, Courtney Kennedy, and Maxwell T. Kennedy. It is to be noted that not all of the children of RFK support the views that have been stated in the letter.

The staff members of the parole board will be reviewing the recommendation on the release of Sirhan. They will have to do it within the coming 90 days. And then the RFK case will be sent to Gavin Newsom, the California governor. He will have to make a decision within 30 days of receiving the recommendation. It is up to the state governor to give the grant.