Can Julianna Pena Catch Lightning In A Bottle Twice Against Amanda Nunes? – UFC 277 Breakdown

Julianna Pena

This Saturday, July 30, 2022, at UFC 277 inside the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, bantamweight queen Julianna Pena will attempt to defend her kingdom against divisional great Amanda Nunes.

She defeated previous champion and current women’s featherweight champion Amanda Nunes in her first successful title defense. An interim flyweight champion will be declared in the pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event of UFC 277 when the previous titleholder Brandon Moreno drives it back with Kai Cara-France.

Honestly, Julianna Pena only had confidence and patience when she boxed Nunes in the second round. Her upright technique is still distinctly average for her division.

For a variety of reasons, Pena has been able to separate himself from subpar kickboxing at such a high level in his division. She is older and a better athlete than the majority of her rivals, first and foremost. Second, she rarely spends that much time exchanging because the main goal of her striking is to lower herself into the clinch. The women’s bantamweight division frequently turns into a volume game because there aren’t many knockout performers in it, and Pena has the cardio to play.

The Culpability Of Julianna Pena Is Essentially Foreseen

The combat was significantly changed by the low kick’s mitigation, even just in part. Nunes didn’t have a response for Pena’s jaw without his calf kick. Pena did a nice job of keeping his head off the center line although his jab wasn’t effective. She also skillfully used her left hand to frame after jabbing, preventing an overhand over the top.

Nunes’ main weapons are calf kicks and overhands, so props to Pena for controlling those.

Julianna Pena’s guilt is essentially predictable. The Pena will shortly flutter in a combination of hook and cross after throwing a tight, unfavorable jab or hook. Although these punches are painful when they connect, they are also very predictable. Pena also has a fixed head and a high chin, which is a defensive nightmare.