NFL Wants The Lawsuit Of Jon Gruden To Disappear

Jon Gruden

The NFL wants to demolish the Lawsuit against Jon Gruden when people speculate the reasons behind it. NFL wants Jon Gruden to shut up and go away. So what happened between these two parties?

According to court documents recently examined by KLAS reporter David Charns, the NFL asserts that Gruden “consistently” sent such emails after joining the Raiders in early 2019 and not simply while he was still working for ESPN and corresponding to then-Washington team president Bruce Allen and others.

Practically speaking, that isn’t a shocking discovery. Leopards’ spots don’t alter. It’s not anticipated that a grown guy who engages in outdated racism by calling a highly educated Black man like NFL Players Association president DeMaurice Smith “Dumboriss” with “lips the size of Michelin [sic] tires” can suddenly develop morality just because he changed jobs.

NFL Did Not Want Any Trouble With Jon Gruden:

However, it doesn’t matter to the NFL when Gruden sent his emails or who was paying him at the time.

To safeguard the league’s interests, the league filed a move threatening Gruden. Stop there.

Let’s not forget that, up to this time, only Gruden has suffered meaningful repercussions for becoming enmeshed in the massive, poisonous network of the Washington workplace misconduct scandal. Dan Snyder, the owner of the Commanders, is still protected by the NFL, even though he appears to have done nothing to stop the sexual harassment and misogyny that Snyder’s employees in Washington, D.C., have been subjected to for years. Additionally, at least two women have accused Snyder of acting inappropriately and harassing them. And former workers have admitted they were instructed to produce filthy movies for Snyder, dubbed the “good bits,” after the yearly cheerleading picture shoot, showing the women in unintentional and different instances of nudity while they posed.