Julie Chrisley’s Hardship Is Yet To Begin

julie chrisley
CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST -- Season:4 -- Pictured: (l-r) Todd Chrisley, Julie Chrisley -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/USA Network)

Both Julie and Todd Chrisley have been sentenced to prison for tax evasion and bank fraud. They have appealed but the court has ordered them to report to a Florida prison on January 23. A few days back their daughter has spoken about the hardship she and her family are going through right now, and the unfathomable pain they are going through. In Julie Chrisley’s words, they are praying.

Julie Chrisley And Family Remembering God To Take Care Of Them During the Crisis

They have a family podcast ‘Chrisley Confessions’ where they share their lives and plans and all. Julie Chrisley gave us an insight into their controversy. And life has changed, the relationship broke and the pain they are feeling right now. During the time of crisis, all she can think about is god, and she has been praying and reading. She feels there is a purpose to this and god wants them to fulfill their duties. She quoted a bible verse while talking in her podcast.

Not only Julie but Todd is also praying with her, and she has accepted that order of imprisonment as something that has a purpose, and to reach the destination they need to fulfill their journey. And she can totally relate to mother mary. And the waiting period is yet to begin, and in those periods one cannot waste time, they need to use them wisely.

Julie Chrisley got seven years to serve and her husband got 12 years. However, they both need to serve prison time even in their appeal period, as both of them have stuck to their innocence. The Chrisleys are trying to spend more time together since the sentencing, and having quality time learning to have faith in themselves.

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