Tough Times Ahead Of Lindsie Chrisley

lindsie chrisley

As the parents of Lindsie Chrisley are going to prison for multiple insurance fraud, it’s hard to time for them to stay positive. The unfathomable pain the family is going through right now. However, all of them are trying to stay strong and fully dedicated to each other.

The Appeal Didn’t Work For Lindsie Chrisley’s Parents

 Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley have been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment due to financial crimes. They have appealed but things didn’t turn out as they expected, and they both have to serve in prison during their appeal. Todd got 12 years and Julie’s imprisonment for 7 years. They have tried to maintain their innocence. They are gonna have to report to Florida prison on 17th January.

Lindsie Chrisley the mother of Jackson Campbell, is sharing custody with her ex-husband, and this is why she is unable to visit her parents in Nashville. But they keep in touch via phone, and her parents are doing the same or more so to keep in touch with their children.

Adjusting every day has become the new normal for them as she says. They are being scrutinized by the media and law enforcement on a regular basis. She has testified in court and has been accused of participating in the crime and she might have gained an equal amount of money from it. Which is definitely not the case.

The social media has accused her of being naive as she gathered some friends to show support after the court with champagne. She has cleared up the confusion that they were devastated and not celebrating. Lindsie is totally focused on her family right now and definitely not celebrating something.