Julio Jones Offer: Terry Fontenot Willing To Listen To Offer For Any Player Including Their Star

Julio Jones
Julio Jones

GM Terry Fontenot said on Monday that he is willing to listen to any offer for all his players. He told Fox 5 to question asking him if he was willing to consider moving Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons’ star receiver over a decade.

He said that it was part of his job to listen to people if they came in with an offer for any player on his team. It is part of the things he had to do to run an organization, he said. The administration had done a good job, he feels. But he had to take note and consider what is best for his organization, and handle it the right way.

Julio Jones has been Atlanta’s all-time top in the number of yards (12,896) plus catches (848). At 60, he is second only to Roddy White when it comes to touchdowns.

 He burst onto the scene with 8 touchdowns and 959 yards. 2012 saw the beginning of his 7 Pro Bowls. He also had his 1,000-yard seasons plus a career-defining 10 touchdowns.

He was ahead in receiving yards at the NBA in 2015 and 2018 with 1,871 yards and 1,677 yards respectively.

Julio Jones Is Always Special To The Team

Julio Jones continues to be special for what he has done for the team, said his manager. But he would always consider the best interest of his team and the organization.

Team mismanagement by Thomas Dimitroff, the former manager has forced the team to listen in to offers from other teams. Numerous contracts with players had to be redrawn. It included contracts with Linebacker Deion Jones, Matt Ryan, Quartermaster, and Jake Matthews.

Julio Jones deal was not touched ad the base salary stands at $15.3M and $23.05M cap hit. If they trade Julio Jones, they would spread out the hit across two seasons.