Jupiter Legacy Creator Was Told By Stan Lee To Discontinue Working For Marvel 

Jupiter Legacy
Jupiter Legacy

Being a writer of the largest comics is undoubtedly an enviable job, however, there is a dark side to it. Stan Lee, the iconic writer of all the characters of Marvel, was perfectly aware of this fact. He had approached Mark Miller, the creator of Jupiter Legacy, to advise him to strike out without the help of anybody else. After a bunch of comics and a deal of a total of multimillion-dollar with the online streaming channel, Netflix, the show of Mark Miller is posing as a strong competitor of the onscreen adventures of Marvel.

Jupiters Legacy Creator’s Journey

The series, Jupiter Legacy, is based on Miller’s comic. The artist is Frank Quitely. There are eight parts to the series. It is about a bunch of superheroes including Skyfox, Lady Liberty, and Utopian. All of these characters contribute to the spin of a character-driven one on the heroes of archetypal nature like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

It can be said that Jupiter Legacy did not arrive at the most favorable time. The market right now is full of shows of the same genre. The series and sequels of superheroes right now include Project Powers and Thunder Force, the TV series and movies of the MCU franchise, The Boys, Invincible and Watchmen. And this is not it, there are much more. 

Miller gave a statement with regard to the superhero genre market and his own journey. He mentioned the fact that he is responsible for one of the popular projects of the MCU franchise and Kick-Ass. He added that he realized that he had to do something really big if he was to continue working on the same genre. The experience he had with DC and Marvel proved to be beneficial to him in being the creator of Jupiter Legacy.

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