ZM Has Been Given A Rating Of Buy By DA Davidson


The stocks of ZM have been given a rating of buy by quite a few stock analysts working at DA Davidson in a Wednesday research report. Currently, the brokerage firm has also put up estimates into the Q1 2022 Earnings of the company with an EPS of $0.61. 

The Stock Commentary Of ZM

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of ZM. Wolfe Research has already started covering the stocks with a rating of “outperform” along with a $390 price target in a 23rd April research note. Daiwa Capital Markets has also put up a rating of sell along with a price target of $250 in a 31st March research report. Zacks has gone the other way and reduced the rating of the company to hold with a price target set at $354 in an 8th March research report. The Bank of America has also put up a rating of buy in a 20th April research report. 

Three of the investment analysts have also provided the company with a rating of sell, while eleven others have given the company a rating of hold, Around fifteen investment analysts have given ZM a rating of hold with a $428.81 price target

The stocks of ZM traded on Wednesday at $7.69. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days was $324.69, with a moving average price over 200 days set at $385.28. The year low of the company is $149.16, with a year high set at $588.48. The market cap of the company is $88.33 billion, with a 383.64 PE ratio. The beta of the company is -1.46. 

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