Justin Roiland’s Innocence Has Proved?

Justin Roiland

Well, the answer is no. Justin Roiland’s innocent or not has not proved yet. However, there was a lack of evidence under which he was charged. A few months ago he was charged with domestic violence. The first charge was pressed against him in 2020. The orders cost him his career and name. From the very first day, he defended himself as being innocent. The charges were filed in orange county.

Justin Roiland Is Focused On Regaining His Lost Respect

After the charges were pressed against him, he started facing the consequences. Justin Roiland almost lost many big contracts. He shared the news on Twitter captioned and claimed he knew they were false charges. After the charges were dropped in Orange county. The Rick and Morty co-creator was immediately terminated from the franchise. The franchise wanted to have a clean slate they cut ties with Justin Roiland.

Since the beginning, he claimed himself as not guilty. He was initially charged with false imprisonment and domestic violence. The woman he was dating at that point pressed charges against him. Claimed he had assaulted her.

Justin Roiland not only is the co-creator but also gave his voice to the character Rick Sanchez. Immediately after the information was exposed to the media the Cartoon Network stopped broadcasting the series. He has worked for six straight seasons. The termination came equally shocking to him as well as to the franchise.

Justin Roiland is thankful and equally shaken about the fact that many made-up lies were placed against him. He was completely heartbroken by the fact that everyone around him quickly judged him without giving an ear to his side of the story. Rick and Morty perhaps ended all ties with Justin Roiland. They are not willing to take any kind of risks neither to themselves or the franchise itself.