Peter Navarro Files A Long-Shot Supreme Court Petition To Get Out Of Jail Sooner

Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro, a former advisor to Donald Trump, filed a long-shot plea on Tuesday asking the Supreme Court to reconsider his bid to stay out of jail. The high court seldom approves such requests. Navarro sought the Supreme Court to grant him temporary freedom last month while he appealed his conviction for contempt of Congress in a federal appeals court located in Washington, DC. On March 18, Chief Justice John Roberts rejected the plea, and Peter Navarro was sent to prison the next day.

Of his four-month sentence, he has completed fifteen days. According to Supreme Court regulations, parties may reapply for emergency relief if one justice rejects their request. 

Peter Navarro’s Lawyers Request The Judge To Reexamine Their Plea

Navarro’s lawyers requested that Justice Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first choice for the court, examine their request in a brief letter on Tuesday. Seldom are such wishes fulfilled. Attorneys for Peter Navarro had said that when a person is not a flight danger and is raising important legal issues, it is appropriate to pause a lower court’s decision to deny a request to escape incarceration. “Raising several issues on appeal that he contends are likely to result in the reversal of his conviction, or a new trial,” according to Navarro, is what his case will include. Two subordinate courts denied similar appeals. The request was then denied by Roberts in a succinct judgment last month.