Justin Thomas Takes The Players Championship Crown

justin thomas
justin thomas

The Players Championship has recently concluded with the top spot going to Justin Thomas. This competition is the first major golfing event to have taken place since Tiger Woods got involved in a car accident. Justin Thomas is Tiger Woods’ protégé and proved himself as much with the win.

Greatness is an obsession for Justin Thomas. It is a trait that he shares with Woods. Reporters believe that this insatiability is the sign of what the player can achieve. He is set to accomplish more than Jordan Spieth very soon. Compared to his previous generation, his statistics tell of a bright future.

What Awaits Justin Thomas

At 28, Dustin Johnson had six victories without any major championships. Rory McIlroy had more championships but he had participated in many more as well. As such, Justin’s current statistics place him in between the two veterans at the same age. Justin will turn 28 in April.

With the win, he became one of four golfers to have won at least 14 times before the age of 28 on the PGA Tour. The other three are Johnny Miller, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods. Of course, he is not all statistics. His play on hole number 16 was phenomenal reminiscent of Pedro Martinez. His strength lies in his adept handling of speed, a skill which a lot of the best players have difficulty with.

However, with Thomas chasing down Spieth, there is Bryson DeChambeau to consider as well. However, unlike Justin, Bryson has not yet formed a definitive character and his unpredictability can turn out to be both a strength and a weakness.

However, there is still a long way to go for Justin Thomas with the 30s looming. In the Tournament of Champions, he had been accused of saying homophobic slurs and had subsequently been dropped. The player says he has been in consultation with a counselor as his emotions are strongly tied with his game.

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