Juventus Loses To Sassuolo


Juventus is one of the most famous names in football history. The club was founded in the year 1897 and has its origin in Piedmont. A group of enthusiastic Torinese students founded the club with eyes full of dreams. The team sports the iconic black and white jersey in most of the games. This Jersey has been a part of the squad since 1903.

Currently, it plays its home matches at the Juventus Stadium. The Italian Club competes in Serie A and boasts of several accolades over the years. However, Juventus does not seem to be having a very good time on the field. They have been left with a large hole to fill up in Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese superstar had been a prolific performer in recent years. He decided to leave the club and play for Manchester United. This left the club wanting a leader. The lackluster performance of the team reflected greatly on the field. In the recent match at series A, Juventus suffered a humiliating loss at the hands of Sassuolo. Let us take a detailed look at the events of the match below. 

Juventus Beaten 2-1 By Sassuolo

It was not a pleasant outing for the Italian giants. The 200th match under Massimiliano Allegri did not turn out as expected. Allegri’s side failed to cross the Sassuolo hurdle. The coach did not seem too happy with the team’s performance. Juventus are currently lagging way behind in the league title race. They are ten points short of AC Milan. 

The game saw an ordinary display of football from the Juve players. The lack of players finding the net was the main problem for the team. Sassuolo exploited the opportunity and Frattesi put them 1-0 up. The black and whites looked determined and pulled one back via McKennie. However, Maxime Lopez headed home Sassuolo with a late strike in injury time.