Rust Artificer Accused Of Unsafe Gun Handling


“Rust” has witnessed one of the most horrific tragedies in recent times. The set saw one of the most unfortunate mishaps. Alec Baldwin was seemingly rehearsing one of his shots. The scene required him to point a gun at the camera and shoot it. However, tragedy struck as Baldwin was unaware of the fact that the prop gun he had was fully loaded. 

Alec playfully pointed the gun at the camera and pulled the trigger. A shot was fired immediately which hit a camera person, Halyna Hutchins. She immediately clutched her mid-area and fell. On being rushed to the hospital, Hutchins was declared to be dead. 

The gunshot injured the director of the movie, Joel Souza as well. He was standing right next to Hutchins. Souza received preliminary medical treatments before being released. A shocking revelation has come out following the tragedy. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is the artificer of the movie. He has been accused of handling guns in an unsafe manner. Nicolas Cage stated about an incident from the sets of a previous movie. Let us take a detailed look at the story below. 

Rust Was Not The Only Film That Involved A Gun Scare

A recent report by “The Wrap” has surfaced. It has brought into light some shocking news. The sets of Rust had Hannah Gutierrez-Reed as their key artificer. He has a history of handling arms casually. The account reported by the media is from “The Old Way”. Hannah reportedly angered Nicolas Cage for mishandling a firearm. 

The incident took place in the month of August. The artificer fired two gunshots in a span of three days. This angered Nicolas Cage very much. He rebuked Reed for her actions and walked out of the set. Cage was also concerned about the safety of the members in the set. The actor also discussed with the assistant director about firing Hannah. Thankfully, The Old Way did not have to witness a tragedy like ” Rust”.