Pooh Shiesty Has Been Indicted For Robbery Involvement

Pooh Shiesty
Pooh Shiesty

Lontrell Denell Williams Jr., better known as Pooh Shiesty, came into his first appearance in the district court on Tuesday. The rapper is on the brink of facing multiple federal charges for his part in a driveway shooting and robbery of two men.

The incident took place in a Bay Harbor Islands hotel in Miami last October. The rapper will be facing charges of discharging a firearm in the midst of a violent crime, robbery, and conspiracy under a commercial estate. 

Pooh Shiesty Facing Charges, Yet Again

One of the nominees for Best New Artist at the 2021 BET Awards, Pooh Shiesty was also arrested previously for this incident- and was released on bond at the state court of Miami-Dade the very same day. Then the singer was brought back into custody for yet another incident of the alleged shooting of one security guard who was stationed at the King of Diamonds strip club.

This incident took place over the weekend in celebration of Memorial Day, as reported by the Miami Herald. However, the security guard went on to recant his case- leading investigators to start looking for reasons. 

A couple of individuals are facing similar charges along with Pooh Shiesty- Bobby Brown, and Jayden Darosa. According to Billboard, the singer and his two accomplices were in the process of purchasing marijuana and a couple of high-end athletic sneakers from two other men when it all went down. As per a complaint shared by the magazine, when the singer came along with Brown, they shot the other men- one in the hip, and the other in the back. 

Miami’s 7 News managed to get the surveillance tape of the incident which shows quite a few men in luxury vehicles- which also include a McLaren- engaged in a shootout by the driveway. The complaint stated that Pooh Shiesty was using a Draco subcompact machine gun during the shooting. Further, the men haven’t yet been paid for either marijuana or the shoes.