Banks And Stock Market Observe Martin Luther King Day While Restaurants And Stores Remain Open

Martin Luther King Day
Martin Luther King Day

The nation celebrates Martin Luther King Day this Monday. Stock markets and banks remain closed to pay respect to the great Martin Luther King Jr.

However, the country doesn’t declare the day as a national holiday this time as some businesses remain open on the auspicious day. This year the Memorial Day is celebrated keeping in mind coronavirus restrictions.

There was some confusion as to whether the stock market will continue their daily trading on Martin Luther King Day. However, the financial sector observed a holiday on the first day of the week making it a long holiday for many.

Covid-19 Pandemic Hinders Martin Luther King Day Celebrations

Several national restaurant chains as well as retailers continued business. Some shops also cut down working hours on the day. Many retail chains also declared that shops at certain locations will be closed for business to observe Martin Luther King Day.

Martin Luther King Jr., a famous civil rights hero was assassinated in April 1968. To remember the day, it was declared a federal holiday the same day. However, the day was observed by all the nations only in 2000.

An American historian mentioned that Martin Luther was declared as an “icon of democracy” around the 1960s. However, he continued to remain a controversial figure for a long time. Martin Luther King Day became the first holiday to commemorate a national figure who was not an American President and an African American person.

President Ronald Regan was the first to sign a bill that turned Martin Luther King Day into a federal holiday.

All the marches, events and parades to mark the special day were cancelled this year. However, national parks did not charge entry fees in observance of this day. The Postal Service was also out of service to observe Martin Luther King Day.