Jen Shah Of ‘Real Housewives’, Found Guilty For Telemarketing Gimmicks

Jen Shah 
Jen Shah 

Jen Shah had been seen in Salt Lake City’s version of ‘Real Housewives’. She is now facing criminal charges and was declared guilty by the court on Monday for making inappropriate telemarketing schemes for the show. 

Jennifer Shah along with the others present in the show has been guilty of conducting several telemarketing gimmicks. These schemes have been proven to defraud hundreds of viewers and people all over the United States of America. Some of these victims are over 55 years of age. 

Defrauding Case Of Jen Shah 

Jen Shah has been declared guilty of defrauding many old people in the US and has now made an agreement request with the central prosecutors of New York. She has presently been sentenced to prison for 14 years. Her plea agreement additionally asked for the restitution of victims with a massive $9.5 million amount. Shah has agreed to the $6.5 million forfeiture as of now. 

Priya Chaudhury is Jen Shah’s defense attorney. She has stated that Shah has decided to withdraw her plea of not guilty for the time being. This was made clear by Chaudhury on Monday before the plea hearing had started. 

Accusations And Pleas

Jen Shah has further told the federal judge that she is not going to make any appeal in case she is given a punishment of 168 months of prison time or less. Shah is going to have her final hearing on 28th November. 

Chaudhury gave the statement that Shah is a nice human being but made the mistake of doing something illegal. However, Shah takes full responsibility for her actions as well as deeply regrets harming all the people who have suffered. She also apologizes to her family and well-wishers and asks for a second chance. 

Her trial is still under process.

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