Nancy Pelosi Points At Humanitarian Crisis At US-Mexico Border

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The border situation between the US and Mexico is at one of its worst stages, according to Nancy Pelosi. The House Speaker referred to the situation which involves an increase in the rise of children immigrants as a “humanitarian crisis”. She also attributed the problem to the administration of the previous President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The System Needs To Be Fixed, Says Nancy Pelosi

She said that the current administration is treating it as nothing less than a humanitarian crisis. She further continued that this is the result of a broken system. One of President Biden’s first actions as the President was to annul the status of the border situation as an “emergency”. Trump had been using that status to fund the proposed wall.

On Saturday, Alejandro Mayorkas of Homeland Security had issued a statement that the children arriving at the southern border will henceforth be sheltered and transferred by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Nancy Pelosi’s statement was made a day later, on Sunday.

Mayorkas, however, referred to it as a “challenge” and not a crisis, as of Saturday’s statement. He has said sufficient resources are being directed towards it. Biden had promised to reverse Trump’s policies on immigration in his campaign. However, the current situation with the large influx of children is making it a difficult promise to fulfill.

CNN reported that around 450 children face being put under government custody daily. The weekly total stood around 3,500. The custody is akin to a prison, according to the report.

Democrats are prone to be criticized for their immigration policies by the Republicans. Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, has expressed his concern over the matter in a letter addressed to the President. He further extends his hand in cooperation.

Nancy Pelosi had stated the current administration’s wholehearted attempt to change the broken system. It is for the sake of those children, admitted Pelosi.