Kanye West Defends Selling “Homeless” Inspired Gap

Kanye West
Kanye West

One man’s trash is also another man’s treasure at Kanye West’s streetwear brand, Yeezy.

In a recent interview, West defended his record label and his decision to package his highly sought-after collaboration with Gap in a big black construction bag. Some have questioned the necessity of using poverty to market expensive sweatshirts on Twitter. The Los Angeles Times said that West claimed to have been inspired by the words “kids” and “homeless people” in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Kanye West defended his aesthetic decisions in a Fox News interview, saying that she was not trying to make fun of the homeless but she wanted to break the established decorum of style with egalitarian attire.

Kanye West Defends Himself And His Choices

Hey, I’m an inventor and I’m not here to make excuses for my concepts, West explains. “The media is attempting to accomplish that. apologize for expressing a different viewpoint.”

The one-off Yeezy Gap shop release was first made known to the public through a popular tweet from user @owen lang, who posted a picture of the adaptable person in a retail setting. He tweeted, “The purchaser saw it on a rack and was unhappy and claimed he wanted it. Additionally, finding your size is not made easier; you must look everything up. In the Fox News tape, West, who has a basic black Gap hat on, says, “It is not a joke, it is not a game, it is not just some celebrity reunion, it is my life.” “I am battling for a job where I can change into the nicest outfits and serve the public,” Kanye West declared.

He frequently makes fun of fellow creators and expresses his contempt for those who experiment with novel, if catchy, design formats. Eric Sean, the interviewer, reportedly quotes West as saying that he expresses his opinions about Fox News as part of “God’s plan.” According to Kanye West, acquaintances and friends can shield their belongings from online hackers but he doubts that Twitter will be affected if Twitter’s priority is low and God is the same.