Linda Evangelista Back After CoolSculpting Incident

linda evangelista
linda evangelista

Following her CoolSculpting procedure, Linda Evangelista is featured on the cover of the September issue of British Vogue.

The 57-year-old supermodel briefly disappeared from the public eye until explaining on Instagram in September 2021 that a non-invasive body shaping surgery using Zeltiq CoolSculpting had left her “brutally ripped.” She has returned to modeling in a significant way a year after being honest about what occurred, despite the fact that she has not entirely recovered physically or psychologically. Linda supports Evangelist CoolSculetting’s position.

Linda Evangelista Talks About CoolSculpting

There have always been commercial commercials on CNN and MSNBC. Do you enjoy looking in the mirror? They spoke with me. It dealt with obstinate fat for disobedience. No recovery time, no surgery In part out of vanity, I swallowed the potion, Linda Evangelista said to the magazine. “I did take it. And the situation was reversed.

She previously discussed the surgery in People magazine, revealing that between August through February 2015, she did 7 CoolSculpting procedures. She started 2016 with the intention of lowering body fat in specific regions, but she soon saw the reverse impact as the fat started to grow and stiffen. She later discovered that she had paradoxical lipohyperplasia (PAH), an uncommon condition.

Linda Evangelista told British Vogue, “If I had understood the side ramifications like the side effects, the loss of life prospects, the sadness, and my loathing, I would not have taken these risks.”

The model filed a lawsuit against the offending company, but both she and Zeltiq’s US agent told the magazine that perhaps the case was settled and dismissed. “By offering dependable, safe, and science-backed beauty products and services, we hope to earn your trust. The FDA has authorized CoolSculpting as a non-invasive method of treating visible excess fat in nine different body parts. “It is a cure,” a firm spokeswoman claimed.

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