Florida Jewish Democrats Accuse Gov. DeSantis Of Encouraging Right-Wing Extremism

Jewish Democrats

Florida Governor and 2024 Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis came under fire from Jewish Democrats and other groups for refusing to condemn Orlando’s neo-Nazi rallies. Anti-Semitic rallies were held near Orlando, Florida, on Saturday and Sunday.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis attended a Pennsylvania rally with Republican state Senator Doug Mastriano. The Senator is close to Andrew Torba, the founder of Neo-Nazi social networking site Gab.

Jewish Democrats have strongly objected as the social networking includes neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists, cryptocurrency advocates, and QAnon influencers. DeSantis is facing reelection and attended the Pittsburgh rally with Mastriano, the winner of the Republican nomination for governor after being endorsed by Trump.

Mastriano was earlier attacked both by Republicans and Democrats for aligning with the neo-Nazis. Jewish Democrats are particularly peeved at the association of the person who has been accused of attacking worshipers present at the Tree of Life synagogue.

Jewish Democrats Directly Accuse Mastriano Of Being Anti-Semitic

The Jewish Democrats have directly accused Mastriano of being anti-Semitic. DeSantis’s press secretary refused to condemn the neo-Nazi rally at Orlando this weekend and has instead blamed Jewish Democrats for making the governor look bad and called the rally a stunt.

The neo-Nazi rally was condemned by most local and state officials who spoke out against it. Members of the National Socialist Movement held up Swastika banners in Orlando and shouted anti-Semitic slogans.

Even Republican politicians condemned the rally. Senator Rick Scott tweeted that the hateful and anti-Semitic demonstrations that took place had no place in Florida. He called it disgusting and heartbreaking.

The J Democrats were particularly incensed by statements such as “Jews rape children and drink their blood,’ and ‘The Jew is the devil.’ DeSantis’s press secretary Christina Pushaw instead accused the Jewish Democrats of plotting against DeSantis.

In a deleted tweet she had suggested that it was not sure that the rallyists were even Nazis.

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