Karen Fann Hints At Possible Foul Play In The Elections Of 2020

Karen Fann
Karen Fann

Karen Fann had a serious accusation about the elections of 2020. The President of the Senate of Arizona said that the counting differed in numbers. She hinted at a possible foul play saying the ballots of Arizona & Maricopa did not tally. 

In an interview on Tuesday, Fann stated that she has noticed a significant amount of discrepancies in the ballot. She claimed that the number of votes counted differed from Arizona and Maricopa.

Karen Fann Hints At Possible Foul Play, Says The Votes Did Not Tally 

According to numbers published by a report, the ballots count was said to be at 2,089,563. Karen Fann stated she was unaware of the actual mismatch. But she was sure that the tally of Arizona did not match with that of Maricopa.

Joe Biden was the winner in Arizona in the 2020 elections. He won the State by over 10000 votes. Approximately over 3million citizens cast their votes. The current President edged past Trump in the county of Maricopa. Biden had a huge lead of 45000 over Trump.

Karen Fann echoed Trump when she started that there was a possible foul play. The officials at the county of Maricopa did not support Arizona’s claims. They reported no mismatches or discrepancies in the ballot. 

The detailed reports are set to be published later this month. Karen Fann’s statement of foul play triggered tension. The situation continues to get interesting with each passing day. Whether or not the votes tampered with is a question only time can answer. Fann expressed her confidence about the foul play. She said it was only a matter of time for the truth to reveal itself.