Kari lake’s Campaign Hits Pause

kari lake
kari lake

Republican party candidate Kari Lake received an envelope containing a white powdery substance. Quite alarming at this crucial time. The election is almost here and a mere envelope causing a disturbance. This isn’t the first time Kari received threats.

A Suspicious Envelop Arrives At Kari Lake’s Residence

The envelope was sent to a lab for testing. Kari lake’s employees are alarmed along with her. As the envelope reached the headquarters of Kari Lake’s campaign office, the police were notified immediately that two suspicious envelopes were found at the scene, and they are going to find the truth about this. Employees are being scrutinized by the medical team at the moment. The evidence was sent to Quantico to be examined by professionals. However, it was disclosed by Kari Lake herself that the evidence was initially sent to a closer lab in Arizona.FBI is not involved in this case whatsoever. The whole team of Kari took the threat pretty seriously and will not rest until the culprit is found.

Kari Lake kept her calm with those whole scenarios and the following events, and it’s quite evident why it has been done to her. Lake opponents totally condemn this situation. Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state, told the news channel there is no place for violence in our democracy. Last month someone broke into  Katie Hobbs’s office, and later the person was caught. That person is under supervision, and the police are looking for any type of connection between these two cases. Everybody is hoping for an investigation and to reach the end of this foul play, once and for all.