Trump’s Border Policy To Be Re-instated As Per A Federal Judge

Border Policy
Border Policy

One of the federal judges of the United States of America has revived the foreign policy of Donald Trump, the former President, in the country. To be precise, the border policy that was introduced during the era of Trump was reiterated by the judge. As per the orders, the asylum seekers belonging to Mexico were told to remain in their country. 

Border Policy Justifications 

During the first days of getting elected as the President, Joe Biden had put a halt on the border policy that is known as the “Migrant Protection Protocols.” It was an extremely controversial policy that carried the message, “Remain in Mexico.” This was one of his promises during his presidential campaign. As per the program, several migrants who were not originally from Mexico were told to remain in the country and not cross the American borders.  

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the homeland security department, gave his views on the border policy. He brought an end to the said policy, formally, in the month of June. In order to justify his decisions, he stated that continuing the border policy was a very bad decision. And that it was not a very good way to use the resources of the department.

 However, Matthew Kacsmaryk, the judge and one of the appointees of former President Donald Trump, stated that the administration of President Joe Biden should reintroduce the immigration policy. He further added that they did not take a bunch of matters into consideration while they ended the program. The order given by the judge was delayed for the span of a week. It was done in order to give a chance to the administration to make their appeal.  

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