Katie Couric Flames Prince Harry, ‘Today’ Rival, In New Book

katie couric
katie couric

Katie Couric has talked about all of her complaints and opinions and has included all the heat too in her latest book. The former show host on “Today” has thus invited a host of complaints from outraged insiders.

Katie Couric’s Bombastic Memoir

Katie Couric’s new memoir is called “Going There”. Some of the people in the book have complained that Couric, now 64, a producer and TV presenter has gone with a complete scorched earth tactic. The book has no famous friend, colleague, or lover untouched.

In her book, Katie Couric mocks almost everyone. It includes celebrities such as Prince Harry and Martha Stewart. Industry colleagues such as the expired Larry Kings and Deborah Norville are also in her crosshairs. Even Couric’s former partners such as Tom Werner, the TV producer, were not left alone.

Katie Couric particularly blasts Martha Stewart. In an award ceremony in 1996, Couric had roasted Stewart through a poem as well. In her book, Couric said that Stewart needed some humbling (perhaps through prison) to become more humorous. The book is due to be available for purchase in October. It will be a whopping 500 pages long.

Norville was also scathingly criticized. Norville was Couric’s predecessor on the “Today” show until 1991. Couric said that Norville tried to alienate viewers as he promoted relentless perfection. With regards to Prince Harry, she says that the royal reeked of alcohol and cigarettes during their meeting in Brazil.

Couric called the late King an outright creep. She recounts that the two had dinner at an Italian restaurant. King was older than Couric by 24 years. Allegedly, King had lunged upon Couric when she had gone to the apartment of King after their dinner. She had pushed King off, to which King had seemed dejected.