Katie Nolan, Media Upstart In Digital Sports, Exits ESPN

katie nolan
katie nolan

In the past few years, Katie Nolan had gotten a lot of attention for her ability in digital media regarding sports. However, her stint at ESPN has ended after staying at the media house for 4 years. She will now be working at the sports outlet of Disney under Fox Sports.

A Surprising Exit For Katie Nolan

On Wednesday, Katie Nolan gave an official statement on her social media account informing her followers of the news. She said that she will no longer be working at ESPN. She expressed her gratitude for her time with the media house. She also talked about making valuable mistakes and incredible friendships. She had joined ESPN in October 2017.

ESPN also gave an official statement on the exit. They expressed their gratitude for everything that Katie Nolan had contributed to the sports outlet.

Katie Nolan had a significant contribution to many traditional ESPN programs for TV. But her more important and noteworthy work was for the programs on ESPN’s newborn digital outlets. She had her exclusive ESPN Plus digital series. On top of that, she also had a podcast. She was also the co-host of Snapchat’s SportsCenter edition.

Recently, Katie Nolan had also been a part of some of the recent programmings on ESPN. These were primarily experiment designed to lure in younger viewers. In 2019, Nolan had held her own while analyzing the NBA Final’s Game 2’s stream-cast. Nolan, along with her crew, were displayed at the screen’s bottom while the match was displayed at the top. At that time, Nolan talked about seeing the chance to connect to a younger audience and their changing trends of consuming content.

Her first prominent time was when she had hosted FoxSports’ “Garbage Time”. ESPN hiring her signaled their desire to connect with the digital audience.

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