Texas Governor Greg Abbott Calls Special Legislative Session Beginning July 8

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott went live on air to discuss the approaching special session, the voting process, and his re-election campaign. A press release announced the decision. The Republican-backed election bill and bail changes are expected to be among the major topics that would be considered.

With barely 3 weeks since the 87th regular session, Governor Greg Abbott has called for a Texas Legislature special session starting July 8. It was announced that the items on the agenda would be announced before the convening of the session.

The agenda is expected to cost $1M was a foregone conclusion as the House Democrats had broken quorum to stop the passage of the contentious elections bill.

Greg Abbott’s election bill should be on the call at the session. The session is expected to last 30 days. The House Democrats had killed the bill in the regular session by staging a walkout in the waning days. The House was left without a quorum to consider legislation. It also killed the changes to bail policies.

Greg Abbott has also signed a bill that will bar teaching in public schools of some concepts on race and racism.

Speaking on voting and elections, he has expressed his desire that lawmakers should send him election legislation and security bill connected to bill reform.

Greg Abbott Vetoes State Budget

Greg Abbott had vetoed part of the budget funding the Texan Legislature. This was weeks after the House Democrats triggered the expiration of the reform bill.

Republicans in Florida, Texas, Georgia, and several other states controlled by the GOP have sought to make it more Texas for certain sections of society to vote.

Mail-in voting, drive-through opportunities, and main-in voting would be restricted. These options had helped Blacks and Latino groups vote in the Presidential elections and that Republicans seek to restrict them.

It would also seek to ban 24-hour early voting. Fines of up to $1,000 per day have also been proposed on election officials who deviate from approved rules.