Phoenix New Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs’ Campaign HQ Robbed

Katie Hobbs
Katie Hobbs

With a tough-fought election campaign nearing in culmination with the November midterms, the campaign headquarter of Katie Hobbs, the Democratic candidate, in Phoenix has been burgled. Phoenix police have revealed that items were taken by the burglars but have not identified any person or the items stolen and have cited that the investigation is active.

Police officers answered a call this Tuesday afternoon. Items were found missing from the burgled property but an investigation has led police to stay silent for now on the items stolen.

Investigators were checking the footage but no suspect has been identified. State Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, a former television news anchor, face off on the final run of a closely fought contest for the post of the state governor.

The Katie Hobbs camp has released a statement where it has raised the intimidations faced by Democratic workers and the dangerous disinformation campaign carried on by the Republican camp led by Lake.

Katie Hobbs’ Team Allege Numerous Instances Of Intimidation

The campaign manager for Katie Hobbs, Nicole DeMont has revealed that Secretary Hobbs and her team have faced numerous threats and violence during the campaign run. She said that all through the campaign, the campaign team for Katie Hobbs has made clear that her safety and that of her staff were the priority.

DeMont has said that Hobbs will not be put off by intimidation and has thanked the law enforcement authorities of Arizona, including the Phoenix PD for ensuring that Hobbs and her team stay safe.

Meanwhile, Lake has alleged that Hobbs was lying about the incident and said it was absolutely absurd.

Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake are two contrasting candidates. While Kari Lake is a Trump protégé and relishes political combat, Hobbs prefers to run an understated campaign and looks after an office that is responsible for overseeing archives and administering the election.

Republicans have attacked Katie Hobbs for declining to partake in a TV debate against Lake.

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