Joe Biden Cautions Russia Against Using Nuclear Armaments Now

Joe Biden

Russia has been warned by Joe Biden the President of the USA to refrain from using any kind of strategic nuclear arms in Ukraine. Biden does not want Russian President Vladimir Putin to intensify the already ongoing war.

Biden Vary Of Russia’s Intensions

The accusations made by the Russian  Defence Minister that Ukraine was going to use a dirty bomb, have been called a false and baseless claim. They do not have any proof to prove this said the US officials. 

This has however sown seeds of fear that the Russians may be planning a nuclear attack themselves on this pretext. Joe Biden has stressed the fact that Russia would be making a very grave error if they were planning to launch a nuclear weapon.

The Russian Defense Officials are keeping on harping on the fact that Kyiv is where the preparations are going on. The countries of the European Union, UK, USA, and Nato have vehemently denied it. They have drawn the conclusion that Russia is finding ways and means to set up its own operations. This is just a tactic to mislead the world.

The American Defence Officials are doing their best to keep things under check. They are minutely watching every move that Ukraine is making also. They have no proof to support Russia’s theory of the dirty bomb.

It is more than 7 months since Russia declared war on Ukraine.  It has caused widespread death, misery, and destruction, yet the outcome of the waging war is still uncertain. The world has its heart in its mouth as to what will happen next.

John Kerby, of the US Security Council, has said that for anybody who would be planning to do an attack ( dirty Bomb) a lot of criteria would depend on it like size, duration, location, and the exchanges of communications that would be involved.