Sen. Marco Rubio To Accompany Trump Florida Campaign: DeSantis Missing

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) on passing the Cares Act one year ago: We were in a race against time
Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) on passing the Cares Act one year ago: We were in a race against time

Trump has kept potential 2024 presidential rival Ron DeSantis in the dark about his Florida campaign and has invited Senator Marco Rubio to accompany him. He will be in Miami a mere 2 days ahead of Election Day. The shelving of Florida’s most famous Republican has angered his supporters and people close to him.

The former president and a potential candidate for 2024 announced that Senator Marco Rubio will accompany him at the November 6 rally. DeSantis was a glaring absence from the notice and the former president’s adviser confirmed that the governor of Florida would not be attending.

The deliberate snub has angered people close to DeSantis who alleged that the Governor’s team was kept in the dark about the rally and only came to know about it after Trump made the announcement.

This sudden intrusion into the Florida election campaign effectively shuts out DeSantis on the day Trump holds the rally just before the November midterms.

DeSantis Team Has Alleged That Trump’s Campaign  For Marco Rubio Was An Elbow To The Throat For Ron

A longtime Republican campaigner said that Trump had effectively parachuted into the campaign and hijacked the last Sunday before the elections. He said that no major republican would be at the DeSantis campaign trail that day, while DeSantis would be missing from Trump’s rally.

Republicans close to DeSantis said that the move by Trump was an elbow to DeSantis’ throat and has blamed the Trump campaign advisers.

But Trump’s team members have dismissed any conflict between the rally of Trump and Marco Rubio and DeSantis’s campaign. Trump is wary of DeSantis and has kept him at an arm’s length as he is the former president’s potential rival in 2024 the Republican presidential race if both decide to run.

Trump’s rally in Florida is included in a 4-city tour just before the November 8 midterms.

Trump’s advisers have said that this is part of several stops that he is making in support of Senators, including Marco Rubio.

Spokespersons for both Trump and DeSantis have declined to comment.

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