Stacey Abrams Might Just Win The Elections

stacey abrams
stacey abrams

Stacey Abrams is going to finally gear up against the current Governor of Georgia– Brian Kemp, for the gubernatorial elections of 2022. This has been considered to be the most anticipated rematch of the midterm election cycle after Adams previously lost to Kemp back in 2018. This announcement was made by the candidate herself in a video on Wednesday. Now, while Kemp defeated Adams in 2018, one has to reflect on the temporal and spatial context of that situation.

Back then, Georgia was running on Democratic fervor, and even then, Kemp won by just a minuscule margin. This time around, Biden’s polls are falling constantly, and Democrats in Congress are bracing themselves for successive losses. While the result of gubernatorial races and other races aren’t necessarily tied to the national mood, one can’t deny their influence. 

Stacey Abrams Is Here To Win

In both New Jersey and Virginia, the candidates from the Democratic party ran 12 points behind the pace  Biden set in his 2020 presidential victory. If the national situation for the midterms is similar to the current year, the Democrats might have a tough race to run in order to defeat any of the Republican incumbents in nominally toss-up states.

And yet, despite all the stigma around the Democratic party, one can’t negate the shrewdness of Stacey Abrams, as she launched her campaign despite knowing the quagmire her party was in. She is not running her campaign based on hope or a prayer, and neither is she winging it just because she has to. This woman intends to win, and there are pressures to the national environment that might just give her the edge when needed. 

The one advantage she has on her side is her branding. She is Stacey Abrams, a compelling star, and one of the most successful organizers for the Democratic party in recent years. She single-handedly took a state that had been Republican for decades, and in a single election produced a Democratic presidential winner. And that should be enough to put her in the Hall of Fame.