Katie Hobbs To Run For Arizona Governor

Katie Hobbs
Katie Hobbs

Katie Hobbs, the secretary of state from the state of Arizona, made the announcement concerning the governor’s campaign. She released a video that reveals her talking about the things she took up to defend the integrity of the election of 2020. She also promised that she would build back the state’s economy that has fallen prey to the lockdown induced by the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement was made this Wednesday.

Katie Hobbs, The New Governor?

The profile of Katie Hobbs rose to a great extent in the 2020 presidential elections. She was exclusively famous for her activity like when she went on to defend the vote count of Arizona. At that time, she spoke against the unscientific theories propagated by the Republicans. The 51-year-old politician from the Democratic party made numerous appearances in the media at that time. Katie Hobbs was the chief critic of the Maricopa County ballots audit. 

The mother of two stated in the video that the opposition party was so busy spreading the theories of conspiracy that they paid no attention to the development of society in any manner. She further added that her party did everything that was in their power. And as for the opposition, they refused to carry out their duties.

Katie Hobbs addressed that since there was so much to be done, she was stepping up to run for the state governor’s office. The video that was shared, snippets of the treats that were made against her followed by her appearances over the media. Katie Hobbs, mentioning the 2020 presidential election, stated that they proved the strength of democracy despite the theories, the violence, and the pandemic in Arizona. And now it was time for the state to help the entire country.  

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